Laser Tag

As a premier manufacturer of indoor and outdoor laser and non-laser combat systems for leisure and armed services training.
Our selection and features are second to none.

Reinventing Laser Gaming

Fresh new ways to play laser tag - with or without a gun! 

A creative approach to give you affordable solutions that liven up game-play, and put you ahead of the pack.

Shooting Galleries

Shooting Galleries

Dark Rides

Interactive Dark Rides involve the rider being equipped with a hand-held or ride mounted gun. Shooting at targets, gaining points and triggering animations are only some of the edge of the seat thrills included in this ride.


Electronic, interactive scavenger trails, timing systems with integrated mental and physical challenges

Adventure Mazes

VEQTOR TAGWAY provides a wide variety of maze designs which instantly earn you money!!

MAXBlaster™ from £749* (volume purchase)

Tag Reinvented

High performance, wireless, full-featured PAQ and blaster laser tag system, designed for high energy Centers of Excellence.

(shown with optional 'Duo' PAQ and light grey blaster)


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